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New Year’s Eve: It’s All About the Dance Floor

New Year’s Eve: It’s All About the Dance Floor
December 26, 2017 sdcpm
New Year's Eve: It's All About the Dance Floor

New Year’s Eve: It’s All About the Dance Floor


There’s only one place we want to be on New Year’s Eve, and that’s on the dance floor! Whether you’re hosting a party for 20 or 200, people need a place to let loose to the sound of their favorite songs as they ring in the new year. Check out these great tips on how to choose the perfect dance floor for your New Years Eve bash.


White Dance Floor

If your party is formal, that might mean a white dance floor. Sleek and sophisticated, white dance floors can be placed in any covered setting (indoors or under a tent or canopy during daylight hours, as they can’t be used in direct sunlight).


Wood  Grain Dance Floor

For a more casual gathering, a wood grain vinyl dance floor might be the perfect fit. These can be set up inside or outside on the lawn, a patio, or even the beach. The floor will be freshly waxed and ready for some serious dancing. Both white and wood grain floors can be made as large as you need in multiples of three and four since the flooring sections are 3’x4′.


Elevated Dance Floor

If you might like multiple elevated dance floors (or one giant stage for dancing), consider our sturdy platforms, and don’t forget the accessories: handrails, guard rails, stairs, and skirting. Even a slight elevation will help bring extra attention to your dancing area(s).


Don’t Forget The Chairs

Make sure you surround the floor with chairs so people have a place to rest their dancing feet. Chiavari chairs are classic and comfortable, though you might prefer the more casual padded folding chairs. For a whimsical, romantic touch, park benches look lovely around a dance floor.


Your dance floor rental might be just the beginning when it comes to your New Year’s Eve party. From tables to silverware, games to beverage service, A V Party Rentals has everything you need to finish the year with a bang and get next year started right. Contact us if we can help you with your dance floor rental and other party needs.


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