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  • Corporate employees gathering

    Fun Ideas for your Corporate Health Fair

    If you’re planning a corporate health fair, there are so many things to take into consideration to make sure that you have the best turnout of the year. Everything from the location, the vendors, the table and chair rentals, the food, and the media announcement. If you’re feeling overwhelmed already, here are some fun ideas that you can incorporate into your planning to make sure everyone has a good time.

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  • Young smiling girl holding football

    5 Tips for a Company Tailgate

    What better way to combine team-building activities, sports camaraderie, and an all-around good time than a company tailgate? No matter what team your employees or co-workers root for, or even if they don’t like football, they will be excited about a tailgate that features good food, fun games, and a healthy competitive spirit.

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  • Backyard BBQ food on grill

    Backyard BBQ’s Made Simple

    Backyard BBQ parties are a great way to celebrate summertime with family and friends. And they don’t have to break the bank because you can use a lot of what you have available while letting nature provide a beautiful backdrop and playground for both adults and children. Here is your roadmap to planning the ultimate backyard barbeque.

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  • Four women drinking champagne

    Must-Haves for Your Fall Bridal Shower

    Fall is one of the best times a year to host a bridal shower. In addition to the great weather and flavors, fall brings a sense of closeness and community that makes every occasion more special. If you have already decided on your guest list and location it’s time to consider these must-haves for your fall bridal shower.

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  • A Guide to the Perfect Office Potluck

    A Guide to the Perfect Office Potluck

    Hosting an office potluck can be a great way to bridge the gap between work and play. Fun events at the workplace can help to build friendships between coworkers, increasing productivity and contributing to a friendly office environment. Here are three tips for hosting the perfect office potluck!

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  • A Genius Guide to Beach Weddings

    A Genius Guide to Beach Weddings

    Living in California means that tying the knot on the beach can be an excellent and realistic option for couples who love the ocean. While beach weddings are beautiful, they require a bit of extra outdoor planning in order to ensure that your ceremony and reception run smoothly. Here are five tips for throwing a memorable beach wedding!

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  • Hosting a Fun Corporate Retreat

    Hosting a Fun Corporate Retreat

    A corporate retreat can be an excellent way to boost company culture and create more cohesive teams. They’re a fun and engaging way to learn and get to know people within the company.

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  • How to Throw an Epic Pool Party

    How to Throw an Epic Pool Party

    Summer sunshine makes throwing a pool party an excellent option for any get-together with friends and family. Here are five tips for turning a mediocre gathering into an epic pool party!

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  • 5 Hot Tips for Your Summer Picnic

    5 Hot Tips for Your Summer Picnic

    What better way to enjoy the beautiful summer weather than with an old-fashioned picnic? The quintessential casual outdoor meal amongst family and friends while basking in sunshine and nature is an ideal way to celebrate just about anything this season. Take advantage of these tips and tricks to maximize the charm for your summer gathering.  

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  • Birthday Party Ideas That Pop

    Birthday Party Ideas That Pop

    Birthdays are a great reason to get together with family and friends to have fun. Celebrate your special birthday person with a themed party that they’ll never forget. Here are some ideas that will make your birthday party pop!

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