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  • employees enjoying lunch

    3 Tips for Hosting a Successful Employee Luncheon

    Companies range from home offices to small businesses and expansive corporate headquarters. Regardless of the size of your business, employees appreciate being valued and recognized for the work they do. Management can show their gratitude in a number of creative ways – one is by hosting employee luncheons. Checking in periodically is a great way to boost morale and promote

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  • wedding table

    2019 Wedding Trend Forecast

    2019 is sure to be a banner year for gorgeous, unique, weddings. Whether it’s embracing contemporary, textured decor, or adding a new twist to the traditional buffet, this year’s wedding trends will encourage you to make the event your own and have fun with tradition. Here is a summary of five wedding trends to look out for in 2019, and

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  • pink cupcakes

    3 Kid-Friendly Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

    The ability to express and receive love is an immensely important part of life. Valentine’s Day is a great “teaching holiday” for our children where we can reinforce important values and teach them to celebrate friendships, relationships, and love for themselves and others. How you approach Valentine’s day while your kids are young will pave the way they feel about

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  • employees laughing

    Team-Building Ideas For A Successful New Year

    The new year is all about a fresh start and new ideas, so it’s the perfect time for corporate team-building activities. The aim is to improve communication, trust and collaboration skills. So, gather up your employees and utilize these team-building ideas for a stronger, more united team in 2019.   Set the Stage Whatever team-building activities you choose, setting the

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  • bride and groom at spring wedding

    Dreamy Spring Wedding Tips

    A spring wedding can be an incredibly romantic affair. As the weather warms, flowers are in full bloom and provide the perfect backdrop for a dazzling ceremony. We invite you to fall in love with these spring-themed wedding tips.   Natural Beauty Every spring wedding should make use of the natural wonders that nature provides during this season of new

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  • people having fun at a party

    Host A New Year’s Eve Bash to Remember

    New Year’s Eve is a wonderful time to reminisce with friends and loved ones and get excited for the year ahead! Pick up the phone and invite some partygoers, because we’ve got 5 tips for hosting a New Year’s Eve bash to remember.   Jam Out N.Y.E. is a night for everyone celebrate, get invigorated, and let loose. Set the

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  • coworkers celebrating

    5 Tips For Your Company’s New Year’s Gala

    The holidays are hot on our heels and it’s time to start planning your company’s New Year’s Gala to celebrate the old and ring in the new. Your corporate party could feel like an obligation…or, with just a little preparation and creativity, it could be a tasteful celebration, enjoyed by the entire team. Refer to the following tips to up

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  • employees dressed in costume

    Thoughtful Holiday Fundraising Ideas

    Attending corporate events isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. This can make it difficult for a company to attract a crowd and keep them coming in. However, when it comes to holiday fundraisers, you can get people lining up at the door if you just put a little extra effort into the presentation. Consider these thoughtful fundraiser ideas that will allow

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  • woman decorating dinner table for holidays

    Easy Decorating Ideas For Your Holiday Table

    Your table will be the center of attention at any holiday celebration. It’s the best spot for friends and family to eat, drink and make memories. Whether your style is laid-back, traditional, ultra-glamorous or somewhere in between, here are some ideas for effortless decorating to ensure your tablescape is the highlight of the season.     Classic Chic A traditional

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  • employees toasting at a party

    Must-Have Party Rentals For Your Holiday Parties

    The holidays are a great time for businesses to praise employee achievements and acknowledge the year’s successes. One of the best ways to celebrate together is through a festive holiday party. On the other hand, party planning can be a daunting task for the coordinator. Here are some convenient party rentals that will restore sanity to any party-planner’s day. After

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