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Planning Amazing Holiday Parties in a Flash

Planning Amazing Holiday Parties in a Flash
November 3, 2016 Rusty Parr
planning amazing holiday parties

Planning Amazing Holiday Parties in a Flash

Planning a party can be overwhelming for those who don’t normally host them, especially when you don’t have much time to plan. Whether it’s for your son’s birthday, your mother’s retirement, your best friends engagement, or the Christmas party for your extended family; you’ll want to make sure everything is perfect before your guests arrive. With a few simple tricks, your home and your mental health can be ready to withstand your upcoming functions and you can learn to  make amazing holiday parties happen in a flash. 

Craft a Theme, and Stick To It

Consider the reason you are hosting the party and how you can attach a specific theme to the way you will decorate and dress. If you are hosting a New Years Eve party for example, Futuristic, Roaring 20’s and Nostalgia parties are very popular and may be a fun option for you.

Utilize Invitations to Take Away The Guess Work

First, you need to set aside a date and a location. Once that is decided, consider creating themed invitations for the upcoming celebration that correspond with the theme you have chosen. Always include an R.S.V.P on your invitations so you can avoid the faux pas of running out of refreshments. If your party is last-minute, use social media events to invite your guests and save yourself the postage.

A Self-Serve Bar is as Quick as a Trip to the Store

If you are hosting an adult party, consider having a self-serve bar. It is a great way to get guests interacting with new and old friends. With the Holiday season coming up, a large container of eggnog can really tie the theme of the party into the way your guests engage with each other.

Save Yourself the Clean-up with Finger-Foods

The food that you decide to offer should be simple to eat, preferably with as little mess as possible. Your guests should be able to eat comfortably while standing. Consider asking about specific dietary restrictions on your invitations so you can be prepared. When time is a pressing issue, consider a local catering company.

Be Smart, Be Safe, Keep it Fun

If your guests are drinking, there are few things more important than their safety. Consider taking the car keys of anyone who doesn’t have a designated driver (don’t forget the non-alcoholic refreshments for them). A great way to make this a little more fun is to prepare a parting gift for all of your guests. When you get their keys, place them in their gift bag. That way, you will know which keys belong to each guest and when they get their keys back they get a reward for doing the right thing.

With a proper plan of action, you can throw a great party no matter how last-minute it is. Of course, planning a party can sometimes seem never ending, but if you are feeling overwhelmed or just need a little help, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We would be happy to assist you every step of the way.

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  1. Taylor Bishop 7 years ago

    I’ve always seen finger-foods at parties, but now I really understand the benefits of it. It’s a fantastic way to chat with others while also having a small snack. I personally think having a variety of finger-foods to cater to everyone’s tastes not only adds variety, but also gives guests a chance to try foods they may not have before. I think it can only add to the party experience.

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