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Quick and Easy Last Minute Corporate Holiday Party Checklist

Quick and Easy Last Minute Corporate Holiday Party Checklist
December 6, 2016 sdcpm
corporate Holiday party

Quick and Easy Last Minute Corporate Holiday Party Checklist

As the clock ticks down to the holidays, you’ve checked many things off your to-do list. But now you’ve got the sense that you’ve left something off. And then it dawns on you: your staff’s holiday party hasn’t been arranged! Not to worry. There are just a few simple steps to getting it set up, and you’ll find them right here in our Last Minute Corporate Holiday Party Checklist.

  • Location, location, location

    Start calling around local venues to see what’s available and when. It’s a good idea to have several options in mind for your party because some venues may be fairly booked up.

  • Find out what is and isn’t supplied

    Many venues lease out the space and that’s it; don’t assume anything else will be provided. Will the venue provide any furniture or equipment? If not, you will need to rent everything from tables and chairs to linens.

  • Decide if the party is staff only

    Or if spouses or significant others, or guests are invited. Don’t forget to specify these details on the invitations/e-vites.

  • Choose the goal and purpose of the party

    You don’t have to limit it to socialization. You may also choose to give out rewards, or do some time of corporate recognition. You will also need to decide how the event will be structured. Will you have a lot of planned activities, or mostly mingling? Schedule fun, lighthearted activities such as an ugly Christmas sweater contest.

  • Choose a theme and pick out decor 

    Delegate some of these responsibilities because if there’s little time left, you’ll never be able to get it all done yourself. Get one person from each team or workgroup to do their share.

  • Plan entertainment

    Options include hiring a Santa, a DJ, or a band. Be sure to ask staff members if they have friends or relatives who’d be interested in providing the entertainment. Also, when creating your seating plan, be sure to mix up departments so staff members talk to new people.

  • Plan the menu

    Finger foods are always great, but many guests look forward to a sit-down meal at events. Include vegetarian options and try to accommodate any other special dietary requirements. Depending on the types of foods you decide on, you may need steam tables, stockpots and burners. Planning adequate and varied drinks is just as important; you’ll need equipment to serve beverages as well.

  • Equip the room

    If you are going to give out awards or employees are going to give speeches, be sure to be prepared with proper A/V equipment. Even if you don’t plan on an awards ceremony, you’ll need A/V equipment for icebreakers or toasts. One fun use for A/V equipment is allowing employees to put on their own talent show (which is also an easy and free way to get entertainment!).

  • Plan giveaways

    Prizes, premiums, favors, remembrance tokens, or goodie bags are all options. You could also do a raffle or silent auction with proceeds going to charity. All of these types of items would look great displayed on farm tables topped with red crushed linen.