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Stay Cool at This Year’s Company Health Fair with These Great Ideas

Stay Cool at This Year’s Company Health Fair with These Great Ideas
July 11, 2018 moxxymaster
Stay Cool at This Year's Company Health Fair with These Great Ideas

Planning a company health fair shows your employees that you care about their future and well-being. To host a successful event, you will want your employees to spend time with vendors and gain valuable information about their health. However, if your health fair happens to fall on a hot, sunny day, then making everyone comfortable begins to sound like a challenge. Check out these easy tricks to keep everyone cool and encourage your crew to stick around.


Set Up a Shady Oasis

Prepare for a sunny day by providing plenty of tents and canopies. You can also integrate shady areas amongst the vendors by scattering umbrellas between booths or tents. Your vendors, volunteers, and employees will all appreciate the shade. Also, offer plenty of seating options in these shady spots to encourage people to hang out and chat about what they’ve learned so far.


Suggest Specific Vendor Swag

Your vendors will likely be giving away free goodies. Before the event, suggest items that your employees would benefit from using on-site. This might include hats, visors, or personalized water bottles. Vendors will appreciate the input and attendees will be impressed by the personal touch.


Create a Cool Zone

In addition to a shady oasis, create a special tent that offers extra relief from the scorching heat. This “cool zone” can include misters and powerful fans that will cool down your employees without getting them wet.


Offer Ice Cold Beverages

Staying hydrated in the heat keeps everyone happy and safe. As employees arrive, offer a bottle of water at the entrance to your venue. You can also set up several “hydration stations” using beverage tubs of ice and bottled water.


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