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Three Tips for Using a Chocolate Fountain at Your Next Celebration

Three Tips for Using a Chocolate Fountain at Your Next Celebration
July 6, 2017 sdcpm
Three Tips for Using a Chocolate Fountain at Your Next Celebration

Three Tips for Using a Chocolate Fountain at Your Next Celebration


If you are planning on hosting a party this summer, do not forget your chocolate fountain rental. Whether you are having a birthday party, a business luncheon, or a wedding reception, your chocolate fountain can be a great addition to your celebration. Consider these three tips to make your chocolate fountain a hit at your next event.


Go for Variety

People love to dip a variety of items in chocolate fountains. While some people love chocolate-dipped strawberries and other fruits, other people prefer chocolate-dipped marshmallows or sweet treats. Give your guests several foods they can dip to make sure everyone has a great time. For even more variety, you may want to rent multiple chocolate fountains. Then you can put milk chocolate in one fountain, semi-sweet in another, and white chocolate in the third fountain.


Use Careful Placement

Your chocolate fountain should be placed where guests have easy access to it but also somewhere where it is not going to get knocked over. Do not place it next to a dance floor or another area where guests might get a little rowdy. Make sure your chocolate fountain is placed on a sturdy level table or counter, where it will not get knocked over easily.

The chocolate fountain should also be somewhere where it can easily be supervised throughout the celebration. That person should make sure that other people are using the fountain correctly and that more chocolate is added as needed.


Use it Alongside Other Favorites

While a chocolate fountain on its own is great, it is even better when paired with the Lolly Waffles Maker. Lolly Waffles, are basically waffles on a stick. They can be dipped in the chocolate fountain. Then you can pour sprinkles or other great treats over them.

Depending upon your celebration, you may also want a cotton candy machinesnow cone machine, or a churro machine near the chocolate fountain. One really good thing about placing these near each other is that one or two people can often supervise two or three machines at once.

No matter how you decide to enjoy your chocolate fountain, be sure provide plates and napkins. Your guests may go a little overboard with your chocolate fountain. Plates and napkins will help to keep the mess better under control.


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