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Tips for Throwing a Great Graduation Celebration

Tips for Throwing a Great Graduation Celebration
May 12, 2016 Rusty Parr

Tips for Throwing a Great Graduation Celebration

Whether it’s Elementary School, High School, or College a graduation is something to celebrate. They represent years of hard work and dedication, and are a time to recognize great achievement. We’ve brought together some great ideas for throwing your graduate a party to show them how proud you are of their efforts and accomplishments.

Whether it’s a small get-together or a grand celebration, the more time you put into the planning process, the less time you’ll spend worrying about all the details.


  1. Begin with a budget

    This will help to decide on the size of the event.

  2. Determine the date of the event

    If you’re planning a backyard affair, the date is not as important. But when hosting your graduation celebration at a venue, the date is very important, as your choices then depend on availability.

  3. Determine the location

    If you decide on a restaurant or banquet facility, all your needs may be included.

  4. Consider Supplies and Decor

    For an event at home, or even in community clubhouse, you will need to consider things like tables and chairs, catering, and even clean up. This is where the details are in the planning. Make sure that you contact all the right people, and never forget that cheaper generally does not necessarily equate to better. No one wants to watch their guests standing around while the low priced rental company pulls into the driveway two hours late.

  5. Order your rentals early!

    Graduation time is a very busy time for party rental companies and you want to make sure you get everything that you need.

  6. Visit us at A V Party

    So that you can look at and touch the equipment you will be renting. It’s also an excellent opportunity to see what else we have that will help with your event!

  7. Get everything in writing

    Make sure that the delivery and pickup parameters are listed in the notes.

The Essentials:

Food Service Equipment


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