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Top 5 Special Occasions for a Party Tent Rental

Top 5 Special Occasions for a Party Tent Rental
July 20, 2017 sdcpm
Top 5 Special Occasions for a Party Tent Rental

Top 5 Special Occasions for a Party Tent Rental


Tents help create the perfect party atmosphere, all while providing ample shelter for you and your guests to enjoy the event worry-free. When it comes to planning how to use a tent for your special occasion, check out this handy guide.


1. Wedding Party

From the marriage itself, to the events like bachelor & bachelorette parties leading up to it, weddings have all kinds of events that can be made even more memorable with a gorgeous party tent. Clearspan Canopies are large enough to fit your entire wedding party. They also have the added benefit of being weather proof, so you’ll rest assured that your wedding party remains pristine, rain or shine.


2. Company Picnics 

Picnics are a great way for your employees to unwind and get to know each other outside of the workplace. Open space canopies are perfect for these events, especially on sunny days. This way, your employees will still enjoy the gorgeous weather but will be able to spend time eating in the shade.

For an elegant feel at your corporate picnic, try using Eclipse Canopies. The gorgeous look and feel of these canopies will be perfect for all your employees, and their families, to enjoy a fun night.


3. Anniversary Party

Planning an anniversary party can be just as exciting as the party itself, especially when it comes to picking the perfect tent to use. Including a gorgeous tent or canopy liner will make the event picture perfect.


4. Kid’s Parties 

Durable E-Z Up Canopies are great for your child’s birthday party or special event. They’re a great source of shade if you decide to have an outdoor or park party so that parents and kids alike can take a break.

Another great option is adding sidewalls to your tent or canopy to ensure that all kids stay in sight at all times. This added sense of safety will make everyone feel more at ease, letting everyone have more fun.


5. Baby Shower 

Use elegant leg drapes for canopies at your baby shower event to cover up all electrical wires, giving your event a complete and finished look. You’ll be in for a night of music, games, laughter, and memories to last a lifetime.



A V Party Rentals takes parties seriously, and we want to make sure you find the tent that fits your party perfectly. We’re happy to help you discover the type of tent that best fits your party needs. Contact us for information on all of our great tent rentals, party decorations, and more!


  1. Khorae Olivier 6 years ago

    I really like what you said about renting party tents for outdoor events, like a wedding. My sister is getting married later this year and is looking into renting a big tent for it to keep the sun off and maybe even provide a shelter from the chance of inclement weather. Thank you for the information about even being able to rent it ahead of time for bachelor and bachelorette parties. I hadn’t thought of that!

  2. Vanessa Blair 6 years ago

    My sister will be celebrating her debut and she wants to invite all of her classmates and friends. It was explained here that party tents are one of the best options for parties and can be placed in an outdoor park. Furthermore, it’s advisable to go to event experts when wanting rent a party tent.

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