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Wedding Chair Rentals: From Ceremony to Reception

Wedding Chair Rentals: From Ceremony to Reception
June 22, 2017 sdcpm
Wedding Chair Rentals: From Ceremony to Reception

Wedding Chair Rentals: From Ceremony to Reception


A big wedding guest list is a lot of fun, but all of those people need somewhere to sit! There are a few different types of chairs you might need for your wedding, along with a few different places to put them:


The Ceremony

If your wedding is at a church or somewhere else that already has seating, you won’t have to think about this. But if you’re hosting an outdoor wedding or a small ceremony at home, you’ll have to supply some seats. The type of chair you get might depend on the size of the guest list or the theme of your wedding. For example:

  • Vineyard Cross Back Chairs: These will remind you of the chairs in a European cafe, slightly rustic but still elegant, which makes them perfect for farm-style weddings as well as more formal events. They come with a cushion for comfort throughout the ceremony.
  • Chiavari Chairs: These chairs are simple and easy to stack, they come with a cushion, and they’re ideal if you have a color scheme you’re working with, since they come in black, gold, silver, and fruitwood.
  • Padded Folding Chairs: Again, cushioned chairs are good for the ceremony since people can’t just stand up whenever they feel like it! These are easy to transport and set up, and they come in four colors.



Depending on the location and theme of your wedding, there are several chair styles to fit your vision.

  • Bar Stools: Perfect for high-top tables, where people can be comfortable both standing and sitting. Our bar stools come in four styles.
  • Farm-Style Bench: Great for outdoor receptions, casual events, or anywhere you’d like to provide lots of seating. Benches can also help create a natural boundary for the reception area if you set them up on the perimeter; your guests might move chairs around, but they’re less likely to move a bench.
  • Resin Bistro Chairs: Simple and economical, these are great for setting up around tables both indoors and outdoors.


Photo Booth

Photo booths are a popular choice for wedding receptions. Giving your guests a nice place to sit in front of the camera provides inspiration for creative photos.

  • Santa Claus Chair: It’s big enough for Santa and some elves, but it’s not just for the holidays. The exaggerated elegance of the plush red seating and gold frame will be fun for your guests in every shot.
  • Park Bench: Elegant and even a bit nostalgic, a park bench is a beautiful setting for romantic and silly photographs alike.


Whether your wedding is big or small, fancy or casual, we have the wedding chair options to suit your needs. Contact A V Party Rentals and make sure your guests are sitting in comfort from the ceremony through the reception.


  1. Jeremy Thompson 7 years ago

    It’s interesting that bar stools are in the list of items that can be rented. I also like that you mentioned about how it’ll be nice to give the guests a sitting area for the photo booth. I’d be sure to keep your suggestions in mind while we’re still planning the wedding. I’ll have my wife know that we can rent some of the wedding furniture so that we can save some money. Thanks!

    • Michael Lee 6 years ago

      I’ve always been a huge fan of bar stool seating. I think it gives a more casual vibe and promotes conversation more then most of the chairs would. For event seating rental though, there is nothing better than the Chiavari chairs or folding chairs for their ease of setting up.

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