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Elegant and Versatile Tents for Rent

Elegant and Versatile Tents for Rent
April 25, 2017 sdcpm
Elegant and Versatile Tents for Rent

Elegant and Versatile Tents for Rent


Tents are becoming more important for spectacular weddings, anniversaries, corporate events and parties of all kinds.  One of the major reasons for the rise of the tent as an elegant venue is the growing selection of attractive and well-engineered tents available.  At AV Party Rentals, we are dedicated to keeping up with the latest product innovations so that we can provide Southern California with tent rentals that solve every challenge and produce a memorable experience for your guests.


Formal and awe-inspiring events can be artistically framed by the unobstructed Clearspan Canopy. These stunning temporary structures are engineered to withstand wind and rain with the highest safety ratings. Without any interior center poles, everybody can see the wedding couple, the birthday girl or the keynote speaker.


Looking for that outdoor feel? Choose clear roof panels. Or go totally interior by adding the draped fabric look of the pillowed tent liner, a look that softly says your event spares nothing for sophistication and awe.

Leg Drapes

If you opt for a tent that does have supports, we have just the solution for your decorating needs as well. Consider leg drapes to cover the vertical supports and all the cords used for any lighting you may have.

E-Z Up

If you want simplicity, we also offer rentals at the other end of the spectrum.  Lightweight affordable E-Z Up popups provide the perfect shade for your backyard BBQ or corporate picnic in a pleasant, low-wind environment.

At AV Party Rentals our mission is to make your big event day less stressful. We include basic installation of the tent. We will also extend our services if you wish, providing problem-solving during the day of your wedding or special event. All of our services may be customized to meet your specific needs. And remember, if your event requires more than the perfect tent solution, look to us for your other party needs, from candelabras to carpeting. Contact us.