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How to Prepare On-site or Off-site for Board Meetings

How to Prepare On-site or Off-site for Board Meetings
January 12, 2017 sdcpm
Off Site board meeting

How to Prepare On-site or Off-site for Board Meetings

Board meetings are an important function of your business, but they can also be challenging to execute. Board members might travel from a long distance to attend, or be engaged with the organization at different levels. You might spend a lot of time preparing the materials and the agenda for a meeting, and sometimes other logistical factors can cause lagging engagement. These factors might include items as basic as the time of day, the venue of the meeting, and the tabling, seating, and the available food choices. Hungry board members may not engage fully, but if they just had a heavy meal, they may be less alert to all of the material. It is also important to consider the temperature of the room. A setting that is too hot or too cold is distracting to anyone, regardless of how motivated they are to participate in the meeting.

AV Party Rentals can help with all of these underlying logistical concerns.

And we support your meeting plan in a way that maximizes the value you get for the cost of rentals or service. You benefit from focused and customer-oriented consulting before the event and on-site assistance if needed. We are familiar with planning meetings at a range of venues and can recommend the plan that works best for your event. We also support the value that our customers receive by eliminating hidden costs, such as inappropriate sales tax on rentals.

BoardSource recommends that you change the venue or for Board meetings now and again to promote attendance and engagement. When you change venues, you increase interest, and you may allow board members who travel further to attend more easily. At the new venue, AV Party Rentals can help you with heating and cooling, tables, seating, easels, audiovisual solutions, and other meeting support. Consider AV Party Rentals as well for annual Board retreats and strategic planning sessions, where we can provide full day or multi-day logistics support.  If your organization is a nonprofit, we also provide a discount on fundraising and community events for qualifying organizations.

Contact us for more information on the services and rentals available from AV Rentals, a successful and established family business for over 40 years. We look forward to working with you to streamline the preparation of onsite or offsite board meetings and other business events.