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What Do You Need for Outdoor Movie Night?

What Do You Need for Outdoor Movie Night?
June 6, 2017 sdcpm
Let's Go To The Movies - Hosting a Backyard Movie Night

What Do You Need for Outdoor Movie Night?

Have you seen the movie “The Wedding Planner”?  It has a couple great scenes at a movie in the park. Watch it. It will make you want to immediately start planning a movie night – not at the park necessarily, but in your backyard. Actually, it could be in the park – or anywhere outside you have permission, electrical, and a place for a screen or sheet (as a screen).

Think of how cool it could be. A movie, under the stars with friends, family, the candy you like best, and popcorn. Lots of popcorn. And blankets, and pillows or chairs if you prefer. There are so many different things you could do.


Pick a Theme

Take it a step further and make it even cooler by tying in a theme. Here are some themes you could enjoy: Romantic Comedies, Classics, Mysteries, Thrillers. Maybe you could watch all past academy award winners. Or how about a classy affair with all French movies? You could even decorate your yard to fit the theme.


Delicious Food

You could have food that fits the theme as well. Try concession products, including a popcorn machine, cotton candy and a nacho cheese dispenser (ooooh – yum).


Turn it into a Fund Raiser

If you have access to a barn or a public area and you need to raise money for something, create a fun-draising movie night. Invite everyone. Charge a small donation admission fee and tell folks that your outdoor movie night is going to a good cause.  Have a concession stand and ask for donations for drinks, baked goods and of course candy and popcorn.


Just for Celebration

Your movie night could be celebrating something.  A birthday or an anniversary or let’s just celebrate the weekend!  Show a movie that has special meaning for the person you are celebrating.


So what do you need to have a movie night?

Here are the essentials:
– Projector
– Laptop
– A screen, a wall, a sheet (something to project onto)
– An amplifier or speaker


OR make it super easy by renting an Outdoor Cinema Package which Includes:
– Inflatable movie screen with widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio
– High Definition DLP Video Projector – 4000 Lumens
– (2) 8″ Powerful 200 watt outdoor speakers with stands
– Blu-ray player (DVD compatible)
– User-friendly audio mixer (includes DVD and MP3 compatibility) and microphone w/6’ cable
– Complete set of audio/visual cables and adapters
– Projection/Sound stand


It can be magical, fun, possibly educational.  Come on, be the first of your friends, the first in your neighborhood to have a movie night.  It might even catch on as an annual event.

AV Party Rentals can make it super easy for you.  We have an Outdoor Cinema Package which includes all the above and more to make your movie night amazing.  We also rent projectors and speakers separately if you want to mix and match with your own stuff. Top it off with concession productions, we got that covered too. Let’s go to the movies!




What Do You Need for Outdoor Movie Night?

Some of the things you will need for outdoor movie night are a projector and a laptop. You should make sure to have your movie on the laptop. Also, find a nice spot that will serve as a viewing area. A party rental supply store like AV Party Rentals will have everything you need. Make sure to make the experience amazing by having an amplifier or speakers available to plug in a tune out for your favorite screenplay.


How Can You Make Outdoor Movie Night Unique?

Make outdoor movie night unique by creating a themed atmosphere. Decorate your backyard or park to fit the theme that you have chosen. Utilize an outdoor movie nights for fundraising opportunities. Also, try bringing concession type food and beverage machines that will serve any size crowd.


What are Some Themes for Outdoor Movie Night?

Some themes you could enjoy are: Romantic Comedies, Classics, Mysteries, Thrillers or Academy Award Winners or French Films. Then, decorate your yard to fit the theme of your choice.  Themes are a great way to get your entire party crowd involved and excited about dressing up and taking the night from ordinary to extraordinary.


What Are Food Ideas for Outdoor Movie Night?

Concession type products are perfect, including a popcorn machine, cotton candy and a nacho cheese dispenser. These types of products are perfect because you can rent the equipment for the evening and then give it back, no stress and no mess involved.


Where can I get Supplies for an Outdoor Movie Night?

Get supplies from a party rental store. They have every kind of food maker, dispenser and cotton candy machine known to man. From the very basic popcorn machine, to the very creative churro and lolli waffle machines, party rental stores are sure to make outdoor movie nights a success.