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How to Plan a One-of-a-Kind Baby Shower!

How to Plan a One-of-a-Kind Baby Shower!
February 23, 2017 sdcpm
AV Party Rentals - How to Throw the Perfect Baby Shower

How to Plan a One-of-a-Kind Baby Shower!

Babies are an amazing and exciting part of life. If you have a friend or family member who is expecting a little one, you may be considering hosting a baby shower in celebration of the new arrival.

However, nobody wants to host an ordinary, unexciting event. Instead of sticking to the tired old baby shower ideas, consider using a few of these ideas to spice things up.

Pick a Theme

To begin with, you will want to choose a theme for your shower. The typical, generic “baby” theme is overdone and dull. Instead, choose a theme that reflects either a) something your loved one is passionate about, b) the theme of the new little one’s nursery, or c) a theme that you find irresistibly cute.

Some of our favorite themes include:

  • Under the Sea
  • Jungle Animals
  • Moustaches
  • Ballerinas

After choosing your theme, have fun with it by incorporating it in all of your decor. Make sure the theme is reflected in the invitations, plates, cups, and napkins too. However, try to avoid the usual character-printed dishes and stick to simple solid colors or faux glass for a classy look. Real table linens will also add to the classy feel of your event.

Find Your Snacks

In addition to the themed items mentioned above, a well-made cake that matches the theme can really tie things together. Add in some cute snacks that compliment the color scheme and you’ll have a shower feast fit for a queen. The ultimate goal is to create a table spread that is worth of plenty of pictures.

Some amazing shower snacks include:

  • Fruit in the shower theme colors on skewers.
  • Tiny sandwiches cut into themed shapes and/or held together with themed picks.
  • Veggies presented in a pretty, themed dish.
  • Punch or lemonade in the shower colors served in mason jars with striped straws.
  • Consider Activities

Many of the traditional baby shower ideas are a bit worn-out. Instead of playing silly (and sometimes embarrassing) old-school shower games, try to think outside of the box.

Some of Our Favorite Baby Shower Activities Include the Following:

Découpage Baby Blocks — Provide your guests with a variety of children’s books and some plain wooden blocks. Have each guest cut and glue pictures from their favorite books onto a block. Finish the blocks after the party with a layer of Modge Podge and gift them to the new baby.

Diaper Notes — Before the party, go out and purchase a large bag of plain white diapers. Sometime during the party, hand each guest one diaper and a permanent marker with which to write a little note to the new mama. When all the diapers have been finished, give them back to the mother so she may use them on the new arrival and have a reason to look forward to diaper changes.

Guess the Baby — This is a fun game that shouldn’t require embarrassing anyone or grossing anybody out. Instruct each guest to bring along a photo of themselves as a newborn. Gather the pictures as the guests arrive, but don’t let the other attendees see. Once all of the photos have been collected, hang them on the wall and place a small container under each one. Provide each player with some strips of paper and a pen. Have each person guess who she thinks each baby picture might belong to, write her guesses on the strips of paper, and place each guess in the container under the corresponding picture. Read off the votes for loads of giggles.

Looking for more ways to ensure you plan a one-of-a-kind baby shower? Please contact us today to learn about our wonderful rental options.