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Planning Your Wedding Decorations? Don’t Forget Wedding Arch Rentals

Planning Your Wedding Decorations? Don’t Forget Wedding Arch Rentals
May 11, 2017 sdcpm
Planning Your Wedding Decorations? Don't Forget Wedding Arch Rentals

Planning Your Wedding Decorations? Don’t Forget Wedding Arch Rentals


Choosing the decorations for your big day is a fun process. The decorations help bring your vision for the day to life. Give yourself plenty of time to choose the decor. If you have not already done so, considering adding a wedding arch rental to your decor list.


Things to Consider When Choosing Your Decorations

Every aspect of wedding planning has questions for the couple. Here are a few to consider when choosing your decorations.

  • Where is the ceremony location?
  • Are you using separate locations for the ceremony and the reception?
  • Are you planning on an indoor wedding or an outdoor?
  • What are your colors?
  • What is your theme for the day?
  • Are there any restrictions you have to abide by?


What to Consider when Renting an Arch

After figuring out your colors, don’t forget the masterpiece at the end of the aisle. A wedding arch is the perfect focal point for your ceremony. When choosing your arch, consider the following:

  • How big do you want it?
  • Will it be a stand-alone piece or part of a gazebo?
  • What type of material do you want the arch made of?
  • How do you plan to decorate the arch?

Couples who rent from us have four options for the material. You can choose from a white metal or wood arch. You can also choose a brass arch. The final option is a white colonnade style.


Decor to Complement Your Arch

Choosing your arch is a great starting point for choosing your decor. The style and color can guide you in the rest of your choices. There are a few pieces to consider that are a perfect complement to the focal point.

  • Consider an aisle runner. These are especially helpful if your ceremony is outside. You can choose the width and color of the runner.
  • Floral stands. These can coordinate with your arch to bring a cohesive look to the ceremony.
  • You can also choose a candelabra to use along with the arch to add romance to the site.


Contact us today for more information on our arches. We look forward to helping you choose the perfect arch.