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Round or Rectangle – Which Table is Better

Round or Rectangle – Which Table is Better
February 7, 2017 sdcpm
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Round or Rectangle – Which Table is Better

Round or Rectangle – which table is better for your event?  Personal preference is important, yes, but there are other things to consider as well.

What Type of Function

Is this a wedding, a family party, a business party, a business meeting?  Each has its own feel.  Its own set of goals.

First, take into consideration the size of the room and how many people are coming.   Rectangular tables tend to use space more efficiently.  Look at the layout of your room.  How do you want the tables to fit in that room and do rectangular tables give you the seating you need?  Or can you make everything work with round?

Though rectangular tables may fit the room better, some believe that people are more cramped sitting at a rectangular table and have more elbow room with a circular.

Do You Want Conversation or Concentration

Some people think it is easier to interact with everyone at the table when they are round?   And they want that interaction.  Other people like the more intimate feel of a rectangular table where people talk only to those next to them and directly across. If you are doing a business team building exercise, for example, you may prefer round, so everyone can see and interact.  If you want people just listening to speakers, rectangle may be a better choice.

What type of mood do you like?  Some people believe rectangular tables give a more intimate and sophisticated or modern mood to a wedding.  Round tables then are considered more casual and conducive to chit chat.

And then, if decorations are needed, you have to fit those. What is your decorating budget?  Rectangle tables, typically require more floral centerpieces down the length of the table.  A round table only requires one centerpiece.

Most rental places will have both rectangle and round tables.    So, consider the function, the space you have, the mood you want and pick the type of tables that work best for you.  Feel free to give us a call, we can help you pick what’s right for your event.