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The Office Party: Catering vs. Cooking

The Office Party: Catering vs. Cooking
December 13, 2016 sdcpm
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The Office Party: Catering vs. Cooking

Time to plan the office holiday gathering. It’s a chance to relax and celebrate the season with your co-workers. Your first decision: catering or cooking for your office party?  Consider the strategy that works best for you and your colleagues:

A Catered Affair:
  • It’s the merriest–and busiest–time of year. Give your co-workers the gift of an invitation that requires them to simply show up and have fun!
  • Whether you are feeding an intimate group or a sizable crowd, it’s all about the details. An experienced caterer has the know-how and resources to pull it all together.
  • Let someone else do the serving and cleanup while you enjoy good food and good times.
  • Splurging for a catered event adds a special style to your celebration.
  • Impress the office foodies! A caterer can provide Instagram-worthy arrays of trendy cuisine.
 A Home-Cooked Feast:
  • There’s nothing like homemade goodies! The office chefs will love a chance to show-off their skills. Let the non-cooks bring the beverages or paper goods.
  • Organizing the office party is a true exercise in teamwork. Build real camaraderie by sharing favorite holiday recipes and memories.
  • Variety is the spice of life! If you opt for a potluck, provide a sign-up sheet that ensures an assortment of dishes to please everyone.
  • A DIY party can minimize costs, something everyone will appreciate. One condition: plan ahead! Be sure that you have space to store, refrigerate, reheat and serve all that wonderful food.

Whether you choose catering or cooking, AV Party Rentals has everything you need for a fabulous party, from teaspoons to tents. Contact us for all your party planning needs.