The Party Floor Rentals Checklist

The Party Floor Rentals Checklist
August 17, 2017 sdcpm
The Party Floor Rentals Checklist

The Party Floor Rentals Checklist


You’ve decided to host a major event, be it corporate, family, or just for friends. You’ve reserved a space. Now you have to figure out how to fill it.


Don’t fret! The easiest way to make sure you rent everything you need is to start with the basics:


Chair Rentals

Chair rentals are the easiest start. All you have to do is pin down the number of guests, order slightly more, and you’re ready for the next step!


Table Rentals

Table rentals are as simple as taking the number of chairs needed and going from there. Choose circular tables to keep the conversation going, especially at weddings or corporate mixers. For settings with events planned, long tables are perfect for snacks and quick meals, encouraging people to stay on their feet, engaged with the main activities you have planned.


Dance Floor Rentals

Dance floor rentals for weddings especially are crucial for drawing people to get the fun going. Pick a size appropriate for your guests, hire a great DJ or put together a playlist, and let your guests do their thing!


At A V Party Rentals, you’ll have many designs to choose from for all of these items. Elegant chairs and tables for an unforgettable wedding? Check. Simple plastic folding chairs at a reasonable price for more casual events? Absolutely.


If you’re not sure exactly what you want to go with, our experienced staff will happily provide some advice, leveraging over 40 years of experience. To get the best party rentals at the most reasonable price, contact us at A V Party Rentals today!

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  1. Kayla 3 weeks ago

    Thanks for reminding the things that we needed for a party. My nephew’s birthday is coming up and we’ll be having a party. My mom suggested having party rentals and shared this article with us.

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