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Cinco De Mayo Fiesta

Cinco De Mayo Fiesta
March 5, 2020 sdcdesign

Cinco de Mayo Office Fiesta Ideas

Early May is one of the best times of the year for an office party. The weather is nice, people haven’t left for summer vacations yet, and it may have been several months since your last office party. Plus, May 5th is Cinco de Mayo – and this is one fun holiday to celebrate. Rewarding your office with a Cinco de Mayo fiesta will bring everyone together to have fun with the team. Here are some maravilloso ideas for your Cinco de Mayo office party.

Fiesta Location

First things first: Decide where you’ll have your office party. If your team will be bringing guests it could be a large group so find a venue that can accommodate the number of people you expect to attend. Whether you celebrate on company property or in an offsite area such as a park, you may need chair and table rentals, or even a party tent. Make sure the location isn’t too far from the office, so more people will be likely to attend.

Fiesta Decor

Your Cinco de Mayo decorations will add to the festive atmosphere of your event. String up multicolored papel picado banners, and hang piñatas. Serape stripe tablecloths or table runners will add even more color to the fiesta. Consider providing guests with sombreros to wear and maracas to shake – they make festive decorations and great props for photos, too.

Fiesta Food

Food and drinks are really where the Cinco de Mayo party is at, so you’ll want to serve refreshments that go with the theme. Consider these ideas:

  • Offer a build-your-own taco bar, along with tamales, Mexican street corn, and jalapeño poppers. Keep food warm in steam tables where people can serve themselves.
  • You’ll want some nachos to go along with that, so consider a nacho cheese dispenser.
  • It wouldn’t be a meal without dessert! Offer some fresh, warm churros.
  • No Cinco de Mayo fiesta would be complete without margaritas. A frozen margarita machine (whether using an alcohol or alcohol-free mix) will let guests help themselves.
  • Keep other cold drinks like jarritos (fruity Mexican sodas) and cerveza on ice in a beverage tub.

Finally, every party is better with music, so think about whether you’ll have a live mariachi band perform, or if a playlist of traditional Mexican music played through speakers will suffice.

Your Cinco de Mayo office party will be the highlight of the company newsletter! We can help you with all the party rentals you need for your fiesta. Please call us for a quote


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