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Have a Hauntingly Good Halloween Party

Have a Hauntingly Good Halloween Party
October 3, 2017 sdcpm
Have a Hauntingly Good Halloween Party

Have a Hauntingly Good Halloween Party


Halloween is a favorite holiday among Americans. The costumes, the candy, and the parties seem to get more creative and elaborate each year.  One of the highlights of the night is attending a frighteningly fun Halloween party.


Party venue

If you are planning a party, consider the weather.  The end of October can be cold and rainy, even in California.  Having an indoor party is ideal, but what if you don’t have space?  Consider renting a party tent. Enclosed sides and a sturdy roof will keep your party goers warm and dry while they dance away the night to the Monster Mash. If it is really cold out, a portable heater can keep things cozy.



Decorate with lots of orange and black streamers, tablecloths, and napkins.  Add a laser light show or a fog machine to create a festive party atmosphere. Make sure there are plenty of tables and chairs for the party goers, as well as for the food and drinks.



Planning a menu can be fun, especially if you create some spooky party foods. Crudites can be arranged to look like a skeleton.  Skip the apple bobbing this year. Popcorn balls hung from strings provide a tasty snack and a fun party game. Finger sandwiches that look like fingers are always a big hit.  To scare up some yummy punch, freeze a rubber glove filled with juice.  Tear away the glove, and float the monster hand in a punch bowl full of red juice. If you prefer more of a scare, fill a coffin with ice and toss in some canned drinks.  If your party is adult themed, set up a full bar.  You can get everything you need from A V Party rentals. 



What’s a party without music?  Set up the stereo and blast the spooky tunes.  Rent some state of the art sound equipment and assign a costumed monster to deejay.  Rent a video projector and play a classic slasher movie in the background to really add an element of fright.   Be sure to have a microphone handy to announce the winners of the costume contest. A V Party rental has all your audio and visual needs covered.


Plan ahead, make a list of everything you need, and give us a call. We can help you throw a killer party.



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