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Scary Good Ideas for Your Office Halloween Party

Scary Good Ideas for Your Office Halloween Party
September 12, 2017 sdcpm
Scary Good Ideas for Your Office Halloween Party

Scary Good Ideas for Your Office Halloween Party


Planning your office’s Halloween party, but have no idea where to start? Don’t worry – if you understand the basics (e.g. food, entertainment), you’re halfway there. Keep reading for some ideas on how to make your office party a frighteningly good one.


Have fun with the food 

Big or small, there’s no reason for your office party to serve bland, boring food. It’s Halloween! Have a little fun! A concessions table full of finger foods is an easy way to serve up spooky spirit and feed the office family. Delight the sweet tooth suckers with churros or the funky lolly waffle. Make it a full meal with hot dogs and pretzels.

Serving a sit-down meal? Why not spice up the decor in small details? Utensils and candles are simply easy ways to add a decorative touch to your party.


Utilize your surroundings 

Indoors or outside, decking out your party space is a great way to raise the fun. Go classic with a wine barrel table for drinks or goody bags, or get really spooky with colorful light-up tables. Whatever you decide, A V Party Rentals has plenty of tables to choose from.

Don’t stop there! Black and red drapes give a Dracula vibe, while also providing a simple backdrop for photos. Pair it with some colorful lighting and you’ll have a truly haunting party venue.


Play around a little – literally 

Yes, a relaxed gathering seems like a nice time to talk casually about business. That doesn’t mean all company gatherings should focus on office management or other formal topics. Halloween kicks off the holiday season – bring your employees into the season the right way.

Make sure your party is really a party with games. No – you’re never too old for a little fun. Rent out some family-friendly carnival games like mini-golf or cornhole. Not into games? How about a simple dance floor for some Halloween boogieing (pun intended)? If all else fails, a cinema set-up never hurt anyone.


Ready to get your party in gear? Contact us today to see how we can help you make your party one your office will thank you for.






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