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Table Rentals for Every Possible Occasion

Table Rentals for Every Possible Occasion
July 18, 2017 sdcpm
Table Rentals for Every Possible Occasion

Table Rentals for Every Possible Occasion


There are a hundred and one possible reasons why you might want to rent a table, a bunch of tables, or a bunch of beautifully set tables with assigned name cards. Whether you’re planning a wedding, family reunion, or bridge tournament, chances are that your home seats fewer than your bountiful number of guests. Here are a few reasons to rent a table for your next event.


One Table

  • You’ve been planning a family picnic or beachside cookout and your kitchen table doesn’t fit in the trunk.
  • You need to host a romantic dinner for two in an unusual location like a rooftop or a breathtaking lookout point.
  • You’re holding a secret underground card game and wish to leave no trace of your presence afterward.
  • You’ve got great booth space rented at a convention or outdoor market and don’t want to haul around folding tables.


A Few Tables and Maybe a Tent

  • It’s your turn to host Thanksgiving dinner and you don’t want to place anyone at the rickety spare card table this year.
  • Family Reunions and church barbecues are a great time to have a lot more tables than are usually called for. Everyone’s happier after a big meal with somewhere to sit and chat in the shade.
  • Card game clubs and tournaments don’t have to be held in places that are already furnished. Turn any venue into a beautiful place to play cards and board games with friends by renting a few tables.
  • You’re hosting an expo for a favorite hobby (like quilting or model trains) and want to provide the booth tables for your guests.
  • Your garage sale is big enough to take up several tables possibly require guests to sit and rest between browsing sessions.


A Whole Bunch of Tables

  • Anything wedding related, from the engagement party to the reception after party, people will need places to sit and place their little plates of cake.
  • You are hosting a convention or outdoor market and wish to provide tables to your participants.
  • You are a food vendor at a festival with extra ground space and want to draw customers with shaded seating
  • For some other reason, you and over fifty friends are gathering for an event and tables would be nice.


No matter what event you’re planning, from eclipse viewing parties to quinceaneras, tables are always a great addition to the festivities. Assuming you don’t have an extra 5 to 50 tables in your garage, contact us when planning your next event!


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