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These Wedding Decor Rentals Will Make Your Big Day Truly Memorable

These Wedding Decor Rentals Will Make Your Big Day Truly Memorable
August 22, 2017 sdcpm
These Wedding Decor Rentals Will Make Your Big Day Truly Memorable

These Wedding Decor Rentals Will Make Your Big Day Truly Memorable


Forget focusing on just flower arrangements. These days, brides and grooms have so many options when it comes to designing their big day. Here are some wedding decor rentals that will make your ceremony and reception truly memorable.


Wedding Arches

From a white-lattice gazebo to a simple wood frame, the right wedding arch provides the perfect backdrop for the day’s most intimate moment — your vows. Decorate the arch with flowers or drapery to accentuate your theme.


Wedding Tents & Tent Liners

Whether rain, snow or too much shine, a wedding tent has you and your guests covered. Canopies and tents come in all shapes and sizes, but a liner provides the finishing touch. A simple pillowed tent liner adds a touch of elegance. Consider leg drapery to take your tent to the next level.



Roll out the red (or black or white) carpet to welcome your guests, then get them on the dance floor! A white dance floor makes a covered patio or tent feel more formal, while a wood grain vinyl dance floor is perfect for covering grass, sand or pavement at your outdoor wedding.


Stage Rentals

Give your Maid of Honor, Best Man and DJ a proper platform for toasts and announcements with an aluminum deck or plywood top stage. The right skirt will easily match your stage rental to the rest of your wedding decor.



A farm table can really sell a rustic theme, while round or rectangular banquet tables, paired with luxury linens, deliver a more traditional flare. Throwing a truly modern reception? Lighted bar tables will create a cocktail hour none of your guests will forget.


Chiavari Chairs

Wedding chairs come in all shapes and sizes, but chiavari chairs are a perennial favorite, given how easy they are to stack, set up and match. Gold, black or white chairs keep things sleek, while fruitwood chiavari chairs pair well with decor that’s light and earthy.


Whether you’re going rustic, modern, traditional, vintage or more, A V Party Rentals has all the wedding decor you need. Contact us today to turn your dream wedding into a reality!


  1. Ashley Maxwell 6 years ago

    I didn’t know that canopies were sold in many different sizes. I like how you said that they are very elegant. My fiance and I are thinking of getting a canopy rental for our wedding reception.

  2. Penelope Smith 6 years ago

    This is some really good information about renting for a wedding. It is good to know that when renting chairs it would be smart to consider the size and shape. That is a good thing for me to know because my sister is starting to plan her wedding.

  3. Hazel Owens 6 years ago

    That’s good to know that a white dance floor makes a patio or tent feel more formal, but wood grain vinyl can be used on grass. My daughter is getting married next spring so we were looking at what we needed for the reception. We’ll have to remember to get a floor since she wants to hold the reception outside.

  4. Michael Lee 6 years ago

    My daughter is getting married soon and we are just getting to that point that we are looking at wedding rentals. I have always loved the way that a nice wood dance floor looks. We’re planning on hiring help for the wedding and we’ll have to keep your tip in mind. I really like the idea to use a white dance floor.

  5. Sariah Meagle 6 years ago

    My sister will be getting married soon and she wanted to make sure that everything will be perfect. It was explained here that she may need to rent a lot of stuff for the decorations like arches and tents. Moreover, it’s recommended to hire trusted suppliers for quality wedding rentals.

  6. Kairi Gainsborough 6 years ago

    I never thought about how much a pillowed tent liner could transform your wedding venue. My fiance and I want our wedding to be truly unique, so decorations and backdrops will go a long way helping us get the look we want. I plan on working with an event planner who knows what things to use to make this happen. When we get married, I want the entire place to feel like it is something out of a dream!

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