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5 Tips for Hosting an Amazing Outdoor Summer Party

5 Tips for Hosting an Amazing Outdoor Summer Party
July 11, 2018 moxxymaster
5 Tips for Hosting an Amazing Outdoor Summer Party

Summer is the perfect time for planning an outdoor gathering. Not being confined to the house means having more space to entertain and the fresh air brings out the best in everyone. Plus, hosting your event outdoors tends to let you off the hook for having to do much artificial decorating. Nonetheless, hosting a party of any sort still takes skill and planning. Here are some tips to help you throw this year’s best summer fete without breaking a sweat.  


Embrace the Casual Vibe

The sun is shining and the evenings are temperate. You could host an upscale cocktail party, but why bother when the backdrop is perfect for a casual, outdoor affair. A summer barbecue can be a lot of fun and requires minimal hassle. Guests won’t have to worry about what to wear, especially if you remember to mark the invitation, “Come as you are.” Plus, it’s completely acceptable to use paper plates and plastic utensils, which makes for incredibly easy clean-up. Consider grilling up some carne asada and corn for your guests. Or, stick to burgers and chili dogs. Either way, propane barbeques last 4-6 hours on one propane tank and can even be great for makeshift smores when the sun goes down and everyone’s ready for dessert!


Provide Enough Seating

Being outside means that you have plenty of room for guests, which is great, but you can’t expect them all to stand the whole time. Make sure you have enough seating to accommodate everyone. This might mean pulling out your dining chairs, laying out blankets for a picnic vibe or even renting some extra seating. Farm style benches are always a charming, casual touch. Don’t forget the umbrellas! Being outdoors can be comfortable and inviting with a few simple accouterments.


Protect Your Food

When you host an outdoor gathering, you may get more guests than you bargained for. If some of those guests have wings, you will want to protect your food. Make sure that each cold dish has a fly net and the heated ones are in chafing dishes to to keep your food warm and insect-free. Don’t skimp on citronella candles or bug repellent either!


Provide the Necessities

When you’re outdoors, there will always be some element to contend with. A good host is prepared to make guests comfortable in any circumstance. This might mean providing a canopy for covering, sunscreen and even fans to keep things cool. Consider buying inexpensive blow up pools and squirt guns for kids to play with. Even adults enjoy an old-school water balloon toss once in a while!


Don’t Skimp on the Lighting

You never know when your event will extend into the evening, so being prepared with lighting is always a good idea. Hanging lights come in all shapes and sizes. Paper lanterns hung in trees provide a warm ambiance. Strings of white Italian lights are a gorgeous addition. Or if you’re up to it, everyone loves a fire pit! Citronella tiki torches also do double duty as bug repellent.


Your summertime bash can be the talk of the neighborhood. A little planning and the right supplies can make all the difference. Making sure you are prepared to enjoy yourself and keep your guests comfortable will ensure that everyone has a great time. Let AV Party Rentals help you with the supplies and rental logistics!


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