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Creating a Gala Worthy Dinner

Creating a Gala Worthy Dinner
June 28, 2018 moxxymaster
Creating a Gala Worthy Dinner

Charity organizers have known for years the impact a gala has on donor engagement. There’s a reason these events are so popular with both charities and donors. It’s because everyone loves to dress up and have fun. Business owners are taking note and using the same party format to improve company culture, increase productivity and lower turnover rates.

Here are a few great ideas to have your own gala-worthy company dinner.


Pick A Theme

Corny office parties usually suffer from a bad theme. Managers wanting to create a friendly atmosphere inadvertently encourage the wrong things. Homemade decorations, alcohol and mixed nuts might mimic the best family parties you’ve ever had, but they can feel strange for coworkers who haven’t gotten to know one another yet. Keep things professional while encouraging conversation by using fun topical themes. Completely at a loss? Consider party culture. Mardi Gras, Hawaiian Luaus, Masquerade Parties, or Vegas!


Make it Formal

A common mistake among business party organizers is going too informal for work. It’s wonderful if your attendees are friends, but they’re professionals first. You could call it counter-intuitive, but they will feel more comfortable in a setting that mimics their company culture, and the night will feel more special if you take it up a notch. This can be achieved by renting padded folding chairs instead of using the flimsy metal seating or topping tables with candelabras instead of tea lights. When it comes to luxury, the devil is in the details.


Presentation is Key

Gala affairs tend to include a sit-down meal complete with fine china and charger plates. In fine dining, presentation is key. However, when your guests have so much mingling to do, you can often get away with smaller servings. Just remember to keep ingredients in line with your theme and high quality. Hot wings with a side of cherry mostarda and vinaigrette will create memories your guests will savor until next year’s event. In many cases, a surprisingly affordable small touch leaves a much bigger impression than a fancy ticket item.


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