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5 Spring Bridal Shower Trends to Remember

5 Spring Bridal Shower Trends to Remember
January 2, 2020 sdcdesign
Drinks and Decor at a Bridal Shower

Representing new beginnings, hope, growth, and love, it’s no surprise that spring is one of the most popular seasons for bridal showers. This spring, expect to see earthy bohemian and mid-century bridal showers that fully embrace the season of love and make any spring bride glow with adoration. We’ve listed the top trends to keep your sights on as you celebrate brides-to-be in the upcoming season.

Sweet Accents

Use the season of “regrowth and rebirth” to your advantage. Utilize accents of citrus fruits to decorate your event and have fun incorporating fruit-flavored treats to refresh your palettes. Embrace outdoor lounge furniture that allows guests to mingle and sprawl in luxury as they enjoy spring’s warmer weather.

Floral Decorations

Floral arrangements have been a staple for centuries but now, flowers are no longer isolated to table decorations; they have taken the stage as dominant statement pieces. Experiment with DIY paper floral accents or extravagant, oversized floral arches.

New Color Schemes

When a dark winter ends, we’re all anxious to begin playing with color again. This spring, expect to see new twists on traditional pallets. Instead of the expected pastel color scheme, opt for earthier hues such as terracotta, sand, lakeshore blue, and mist for table linens and accents.

Statement Signs

Large tapestries and clear signs with modern calligraphy are very popular for 2020. As our culture further embraces individualism, more brides are personalizing signs with quotes that hold a special meaning to them and their partner.

 Embracing Natural Designs

Spring showers will incorporate many organic materials into their design schemes. Embrace natural wood tables to anchor your theme and set the foundation for decorations that feature simple geometric lines and shapes that appear rhythmically in nature’s grand design.

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