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5 Tips for a Company Tailgate

5 Tips for a Company Tailgate
August 1, 2019 moxxymaster
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With football season rolling in, workers are anxious to celebrate their favorite teams and get a little friendly competitive team spirit started. What better way to combine team-building activities, sports camaraderie, and an all-around good time than a company tailgate? No matter what team your employees or co-workers root for, or even if they don’t like football, they will be excited about a tailgate that features good food, fun games, and a healthy competitive spirit. Here is a list of 5 tips to ensure that your company tailgate will not disappoint the fans.


Planning: Start Early

In order to make sure that everyone can attend, make sure that you send out the memo or invitations early. This will give everyone ample time to plan to attend. Also, be sure to send multiple memos so people who are out for the day or may have forgotten are reminded. The more the merrier!


Location: The Great Outdoors

In keeping with classic tailgating fashion, tailgating should be done outside. Company tailgates are best when done in company parking lots or lawns so that everyone is familiar with the venue. Tents are a great way of staying out of the elements and heaters or fans/coolers are a great way to keep everyone comfortable and happy.


Food: Keep it Portable

Everyone knows that the grill is king at a tailgate. Keeping multiple BBQs and steam tables going at all times with burgers, dogs, wings, and other portable foods to make sure that everyone stays fed is best. Also, have tables set up with other finger foods like fruit, veggies, chips and salsa, and dips. Alcohol is usually a big part of most tailgates, but ensure that it is cleared with HR or higher-ups first. Not everyone likes beer, so make sure that there is wine or even a full bar available so everyone can enjoy. It would also be ideal to have volunteer designated drivers or taxis available for those who need them to get home.


Décor: Focus on the Game

Well, it is a tailgate, so there must be a way to watch the game. Multiple TVs or one large screen and projector are absolutely necessary. People may want to sit to enjoy their food and watch the game so enough tables and chairs to accommodate everyone will be needed as well.

Because you can’t expect every attendee to root for the same team, don’t focus your decorations on one team, instead decorate around company colors or incorporate both team’s colors into the plans.


Activities: Encourage Friendly Competition

While people are waiting for the game to start, encourage a little friendly competition with games like horseshoes, giant tumble tower, or ring toss. This is a great way to promote team building and build employee relationships.

With these 5 tips, your company tailgate will surely go off without a hitch. Contact A V Party Rentals today to get the ball rolling.


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