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Host A New Year’s Eve Bash to Remember

Host A New Year’s Eve Bash to Remember
December 6, 2018 moxxymaster
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New Year’s Eve is a wonderful time to reminisce with friends and loved ones and get excited for the year ahead! Pick up the phone and invite some partygoers, because we’ve got 5 tips for hosting a New Year’s Eve bash to remember.


Jam Out

N.Y.E. is a night for everyone celebrate, get invigorated, and let loose. Set the tone of your soiree with the proper beats. If you’re not confident in your own iPod playlists, don’t chance it!  Consider hiring a DJ to host the evening. Music is the most important piece of this puzzle and it will make or break the success of your event. If your venue is spacious, you might need to rent sound equipment like speakers and microphones that allow you to address guests and provide entertainment to keep the party going all night.


Feed Them Well

Your food and beverage menu runs a very close second to the music. This is your second chance to impress guests. An open bar is always a nice touch. If your pocketbook isn’t prepared for that sort of commitment, consider hosting a specialty drink for cocktail hour or rent a self-serve champaign fountain for your guests! Whether you’re providing dinner or hors-d’oeuvres only, keep food warm with the right chafing dishes.


Don’t Forget the Little Things

Take the time to focus on things like decor, flatware, and linens to provide the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable and social-media-worthy evening. Evenings will be chilly at this time of year, so think ahead and rent heaters if you expect guests to utilize a patio space. Consider giving out creative party favors at the end of the night and be sure you come up with a festive hashtag for everyone to use! It’s the little things that will set your New Year’s Eve bash above the rest.


Prepare For The Long Haul

One thing to remember about hosting a New Year’s Eve party is that the “party” doesn’t really even start until midnight! It’s going to be a late night and you will want to plan accordingly. Plan ahead for designated drivers, energy drinks, coffee, midnight snacks, and plenty of water. You might even set out festive fuzzy socks or flip flops for ladies to slip on as their feet start to tire.

Your New Year’s Eve bash will require some behind-the-scenes work. With all the right elements, it will be remembered for years to come. Contact our team of experts here at AV Party Rentals to get your party started on the right foot.


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