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5 Tips For Your Company’s New Year’s Gala

5 Tips For Your Company’s New Year’s Gala
December 6, 2018 moxxymaster
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The holidays are hot on our heels and it’s time to start planning your company’s New Year’s Gala to celebrate the old and ring in the new. Your corporate party could feel like an obligation…or, with just a little preparation and creativity, it could be a tasteful celebration, enjoyed by the entire team. Refer to the following tips to up your game and host a New Year’s gala that shines.   


Encourage the “Plus One”

Attending a holiday party with a guest – friendly or romantic – can certainly help take the edge off. It gives co-workers a familiar wingman or wingwoman to rely on and encourages them to show up in the first place. It creates a much more comfortable atmosphere of mixing and mingling and even allows people to put faces to names they may have heard about during watercooler chat. A “Plus One” should not only be allowed, but encouraged!


Provide an Open Bar

Providing a hosted bar for a deserving crowd – taking appropriate care not to over serve anyone – can be a lovely gesture of appreciation. Offering complimentary drinks is a nice way to give your employees time to unwind, reflect, and enjoy a fun night out together. Keep it well-staffed and your party will be a hit. Providing a water dispenser on a nearby table is a great way to encourage self-service and free up the bartender’s time for other drinks.


Have Enough Seating

Whether you’re offering a buffet dinner or tray-passed hors-d’oeuvres and cocktails, give your guests enough seating to relax and converse, making the night comfortable and easy. Consider renting lounge furniture to take your gala to the next level. Your guests will appreciate the opportunity to sit side by side with their significant others and it will add sophistication to your party’s atmosphere.


Don’t Forget Restrooms

Nobody wants to wait in a long bathroom line while their guest stands alone and holds their drink. Make sure there are enough restrooms available for your party-size, and post clear signage so no one has to waste time searching. If you don’t have enough restrooms at your space, luxury portable restroom trailers are classy and can easily be rented for the evening. Be sure that an attendant checks on the bathroom every hour to replenish supplies and tidy up. Providing extra amenities like perfume, disposable toothbrushes, mints, and deodorants is also an impressive touch.

Giving thought to your company’s New Year’s party and preparing in advance will only help to ensure your event goes off without a hitch. Go ahead; get creative! Add fun touches like a red carpet to welcome guests in. Your party-planning doesn’t have to be done alone; call AV Party Rentals today to speak with a qualified party-expert who can create the exact corporate New Year’s gala you envision.


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