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Host an Employee Pie Baking Contest

Host an Employee Pie Baking Contest
October 3, 2019 moxxymaster
Half of Cherry Pie adjacent to Blue Ribbon

Looking for a more creative way to celebrate your employees and build a positive workplace community? Consider hosting an employee pie baking contest! Pie baking is a deeply personal activity rooted in tradition and nostalgia. Coworkers can bond over their homemade creations and learn more about each other in the process. Here are 3 ideas for hosting this fun and unique event.


Take the Party Outside

A pie baking contest is reminiscent of county fairs, farmers’ markets, and small-town festivals. Get into the theme and take the party outdoors! Protect the pies from the elements with a tent or canopy and consider adding a cooling fan to keep your guests comfortable. Adding fun outdoor games like bean bag toss and horseshoes can also boost the energy of the event while helping guests burn off some of those pie calories.


Prominently Display the Pies

The pies should be front and center at your event. Honor your employees’ hard work with an eye-catching display. For starters, you will need a long table dressed with clean linens. Clearly label each pie with the baker’s name and description so that everyone knows exactly whose pie they are sampling. Make the display even more visually appealing by setting pies at different heights using farm table risers.


Wash it All Down

Guests will be thirsty after munching their way through all of those delicious treats. Coffee and tea are classic pairings to pie and will help your employees fight off any post-pie sugar slumps. Hot beverage-service supplies are easily rented and you can keep cold beverages on ice in a simple beverage tub.

Why not give it a try this season! A pie baking contest is a unique, memorable way to bring everyone in the office together for a day of fun and food. Contact us at A V Party Rentals to help make your next employee event a memorable one!


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