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Keep Guests Comfortable at Your Winter Wedding

Keep Guests Comfortable at Your Winter Wedding
November 6, 2018 moxxymaster
guests at a winter wedding

There is something deeply romantic about being married before the backdrop of a winter wonderland. A magical winter wedding does bring its own set of challenges, however. Use the following tricks to outsmart the elements and keep guests comfortable during your winter nuptials.


Heat Things Up

If you are determined to host your event outside this winter, you will need proper heating. Rent heaters and fire pits or use a venue’s existing fireplace to keep guests content. Just make sure all table skirts and other linens are well away from any fires. Set up enclosed (or at least covered) areas beneath tents or canopies and transform these spaces into cozy escapes from the cold. Have fun with lounge furniture and provide pillows and blankets that guests can snuggle into if the going gets tough.


Serve-Up The Warmth

Comfort foods served out of hot steam tables, such as soups, mashed potatoes, and baked macaroni and cheese are a great choice to keep guests smiling. Warm drinks such as coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and apple cider will be popular staples. Smore’s are another cute cold-weather treat. And although alcohol might not actually increase body temperature, a stiff drink will surely make your guests feel warmer and more comfortable!


Have A Dance Party

Of course you can play the slow, romantic songs, but do consider that including more lively tunes is a great way to warm everyone up! Encourage dancing by providing comfortable flats for ladies whose feet might need the rest. A great DJ and a sturdy dance floor will be all you will need to dance the night away. Finally, end the evening with a spectacular sparklers exit for incredible pictures against your gorgeous winter landscape.


While your wedding day is truthfully all about you, you don’t want to neglect the comfort of your guests. Follow the tips above to use the season to your advantage and you’re sure to have a gorgeous winter affair no matter the weather. A V Party Rentals is here to ensure everything will be in place for your special day.



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