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Outdoor Wedding Hacks for Unpredictable Weather

Outdoor Wedding Hacks for Unpredictable Weather
October 2, 2018 moxxymaster
bride and groom in rain

When it comes to planning for your wedding, you can cross all your T’s and dot all of your I’s but there are some factors that your checklists just can’t account for; we’re talking about the weather. Couples are expanding their horizons past stained glass churches to white sand beaches and astonishing vineyards. The downfall? These outdoor venues bring unpredictable conditions like uncomfortable heat, freezing rain, and much more.


We recently gave insight into planning the perfect wedding by staying organized and planning early. But it’s important to remember that when things simply don’t go as planned and situations arise such as less than ideal weather, you can still achieve your dream day.


Rain Is A Good Thing

You spend a lot of time and even money choosing the best-fit wedding photographer to perfectly capture the essence of your special day. Ideally, you’d imagine looking back at these photos from a beautiful, sunny day. Truth be told, a cloudy day actually provides the best lighting for pictures. But if the weather takes a turn for the absolute worst, you can still have beautiful images if you think outside the box: a transparent umbrella is an ultra-trendy way to capture all the wedding bliss, even in the rain!


Also, don’t forget about your guests; they want to stay comfortable too. As far as setting up your wedding ceremony or reception venue, choose a full coverage tent or canopy in case of rain or at the least, provide table umbrellas for soft drizzles. Your guests will appreciate the consideration of helping them stay dry.


Don’t Sweat It

Alternatively, while the sun may be ideal for outdoor weddings and receptions, the heat that accompanies those rays is not always welcome. Fellas, it can be hard to stay cool when you’re dressed in a three-piece tux. You don’t have the luxury of a strapless dress like your bride may have to keep cool. Instead, look for alternate ways to reduce some of that heat. If you have a burly beard, consider investing in shaving products to trim or do away with that mane with for some facial ventilation.


Still can’t handle the heat? Chill out with cooling boxes and misters. By adding some portable cooling fans to your reception, you can boogie on the dance floor all day and night without breaking a leg, or sweat!


Don’t Slip-Up

Intermittent showers or even ill-times sprinklers may leave grassy venues too slippery to stand on. The best way to prepare for this is to have flooring that will keep feet dry and help avoid any mishaps like slips and falls. After all, the only sliding you want at your reception is the “Cha Cha Slide.”


Bonus tip: Heels are not ideal for sand or wet grass. Supply your female guests with alternative shoes that they can slip on to stay comfortable all day long. Some options even come with a designated high heel bag for easy storage.


No matter the conditions, AV Party Rentals can help you weather the storm and ensure your big day is covered with all your wedding rental needs.



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