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Top Do’s and Don’ts for 2019 Nuptials

Top Do’s and Don’ts for 2019 Nuptials
February 28, 2019 moxxymaster
Bride and Groom with Sparklers

You’re finally engaged and it’s time to plan the big event. You want everything to be perfect so you need to know what’s hot, what’s not and what are the top do’s and don’ts for your 2019 nuptials. Here’s a look at 4 things you can do to make the big day your best day.


Do Keep Your Wedding Meaningful Without Being Confined by Tradition


Incorporating a little bit of tradition into your wedding is a way to acknowledge your history. However, tradition isn’t meant to be a cage. As weddings trend towards self-expression, it’s okay to mix things up as long as it creates a more meaningful experience for you and your guests. Here are a few of the many ways to plan a wedding that is interesting and tasteful:

  • More intimate weddings held under a tent or canopy in the backyard
  • Vegan or vegetarian menus
  • “Green” weddings
  • Destination weddings
  • Mixed-gender wedding parties


Don’t Give Cliche Wedding Favors

If you didn’t receive a sachet of Jordan almonds or monogrammed mints, did you really go to a wedding? Let’s face it, old-school wedding favors are impersonal and overrated. This year, consider a more creative touch with the following personalized wedding favors that your guests will actually appreciate:

  • Coffee Beans to say “Thanks for Bean Here”
  • Olive oil for “Olive Our Love”
  • Honey because “Love is Sweet”
  • Seed packets to “Let Love Grow”
  • Sage for “Good Vibes Only”
  • Blankets “To Have and To Hold in Case You Get Cold”


Do Play with Colors and Patterns

Solid, pale colors have long been the staple of weddings. New trends, however, are including bolder colors, more interesting textures and unique patterns. Many brides are asking bridesmaids to dress more individualistically in coordinating, patterned dresses instead of using uniform styles and solid colors. Other dramatic accents can be added to your wedding when you incorporate colorful table linens, draperies, or impressive lighting.


Don’t Follow Obsolete Trends

Take an inventory of your ideas. Each detail should add elegance or style to your event. Many wedding planners agree, for example, that it is time to get rid of photo booths. Instead, personalize a creative hashtag for social media photos or provide a link to a website where exclusive photos will be posted after the event. Forget too-boring centerpieces and add a little drama with unique centerpieces like geodes, potted cacti, lanterns, foliage garlands, or wood slabs.


Your wedding is supposed to be a fun, meaningful expression of yourself and it will be. So, do take the time to breathe and don’t spend so much time worrying. Enjoy the planning process and your big celebration knowing that our event professionals at AV Party Rentals can answer your questions and help make your wedding an amazing success.



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