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Top Wedding Trends for 2020

Top Wedding Trends for 2020
December 5, 2019 sdcdesign

The dawn of a new year brings fresh and exciting changes to the classic wedding scene. In the coming months, expect wedding trends to continue to drift away from traditional settings as more and more couples embrace unique and unconventional symbols of love and eternity in 2020. In this article, we’ve highlighted the wedding trends any 2020 bride should keep her eye on.

Grand Intimacy

This year, expect to see smaller guest lists and bigger entertainment. By limiting the number of attendees, many brides and grooms are putting more of their budget towards elaborate entertainment. Think fireworks, rose petals raining down on guests as they walk in, and red-carpet-style entrances for the bride and groom.

Wonderland Lighting

Lighting will be used smartly to make spaces more intimate and clearly divide the party space. From exposed bulbs to lighted nets above the guests’ heads, strategic mood lighting will be used widely to add a magical, fairytale glow.

Natural & Eco-Friendly

Many 2020 couples are choosing to embrace nature as a foundational theme. Weddings will be held in places that take advantage of the natural habitat (forests, gardens, or deserts) and utilize living flora (like potted succulents) for eco-friendly centerpieces and decor. This wedding season, you would also be on-trend to limit the one-time-use items with your caterer. Stick with real china and leave the plastic cups or forks behind. As day turns to night, embrace the natural ambiance of a full moon or starlit sky from outdoor lounge furniture accompanied by elegant heaters.

Unique Wedding Attire

In 2020, bridesmaids will be less uniform and more brides will walk down the aisle wearing pantsuits, teacup dresses and dresses with floral designs. Some brides will dawn wide-brimmed hats and more grooms will be sporting leather jackets. Many engagement rings and wedding bands will have a unique vintage flair, although an increasing number of couples are opting for tattooed rings instead!

A Personal Touch

Despite the changing trends, romance is very much alive. Use the gathering of your family and friends to remind them of how special your love truly is in 2020. This day is all about you – make it perfect by contacting A V Party Rentals for a wedding rental experience tailored to your unique needs.


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