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3 Tips To Plan a Fun Beachside Office Party

3 Tips To Plan a Fun Beachside Office Party
June 6, 2019 moxxymaster
3 Tips To Plan a Fun Beachside Office Party

When the sun sets later, the office parties get better. Summer is the perfect time to have a beachside office party. It rewards your team for a job well done and helps build camaraderie. Hosting a party outdoors, however, does take a bit of planning. With a few handy tips and some event rentals, your beach office party can be planned in no time.


Keep Guests Comfortable

As your guests arrive, be sure to have comfortable spots available for them to hang out and relax. Rent a few easy-to-set-up canopies or larger canopies for provide shade. Set up tables and chairs so your staff has places to sit that don’t require getting sand in or on their clothes. As an extra treat, have a basket full of complimentary flip flops, sunglasses, and hats (perhaps with the company logo!) for fun giveaways.


Play Games

A great way to encourage people to mingle is to set up games for everyone to participate in. Considering that you’re at the beach, some fun activities can include a volleyball set or cornhole boards. If you’re allowing your staff to bring their families, don’t forget about children’s games too.


Be Prepared With Food and Drinks

Many beaches do not come equipped with BBQs so plan ahead! You can rent a barbecue or use your company’s if they have portable ones available. Bring a few chafing dishes to keep the food warm so guests can eat whenever they would like. Also, make sure to have plenty of beverages to keep people hydrated as they have fun in the sunlight.


A beach office party is a great way to celebrate your staff and offer them a day of fun. But you don’t have to plan it alone. Call A V Party Rentals today to speak with a qualified party expert to help bring your beach party to life.


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