There is much more to being the boss than leading meetings, managing employees, and running the business every day. To run a successful business it is crucial to building strong relationships with your employees. Studies have shown that happy employees work harder and are more efficient at their jobs if they feel they are appreciated. Good relationships with your teams will boost morale. A great way to get to know your employees better and thank them for their hard work is to throw a company picnic! There are a lot of ways to plan one, but if you follow the 5 Ws: Who, What, When, Where, and Why, you’re sure to be known as the best boss ever!


Who Are You Going to Invite to the Company Picnic?

Company picnics are a great opportunity to strengthen your team by bringing everyone together to celebrate their success. But the question remains: Who do you invite? Your employees are a given, but what about their spouses and children? This is important to decide early on because it could affect the picnic’s theme. You may not want to have an open bar at a picnic with small children running around. You may choose to have beverage tubs and chests instead. Then again, if you know it’s only going to be adults and you want it to look a little more formal you may spring for a champagne fountain. By inviting employees only, it allows you to get closer to each and every one of them as your business partners. On the other hand, inviting their families will allow you to get to know them on a more personal level. Team building can be done either way, so it really depends on your preference.


What is the Theme of the Company Picnic?

Once the guest list has been written up, it is time to figure out what the theme of the company picnic will be. Have some fun with this! If you will be inviting employees only, maybe consider giving them a night in Vegas with some casino games. That open bar will definitely come in handy here. If you will be inviting the little ones, you can throw a carnival or have some family games set up like volleyball or mini golf! Remember you want to throw a memorable company picnic, so plan a fun day for your employees and their families.


When Are You Going to Throw the Company Picnic?

Summer is a great time to throw a company picnic because the sun is shining and people want to be outdoors. But what time should you throw the picnic? There are advantages to throwing it during the day and at night. If you have it during the day, there is a good chance that your employees will be able to bring their families whereas they may be more hesitant to bring their kids to a party at night past their bedtime. Then again, if you want to plan a more sophisticated company picnic, nighttime may be a better fit for this reason.


Where Are You Going to Host the Company Picnic?

Location is everything! The great thing about hosting a summer company picnic is that summer usually means great weather, so you can host the picnic almost anywhere. You can plan it at a local park, restaurant, or amusement park. These are only a few of the many possibilities. This decision will also determine the tone of the picnic, so if you want your employees and their families to have a great time outdoors, consider having the picnic at the park and maybe throw in some children’s games for the little ones. If you want to throw a nice company picnic at night for your employees pick an outdoor venue, consider hanging some lights, and don’t forget the buckets of champagne to celebrate!


Why are you throwing the company picnic?

One of the most important things to remember when planning a memorable company picnic is why you are planning it in the first place. Without your hardworking employees, there is no company. Think of ways to thank them, like hosting a raffle for some cool prizes, personalizing a company picnic mug or souvenir, or setting up a photo booth to remember the day of festivities. You can also walk up on stage and make a speech individually thanking each department of your company for everything they do. There are lots of ways to thank your employees, so make it special.


However you plan the summer company picnic, just be sure to keep your employees in mind because it really is to celebrate them and their hard work. No business can run without strong leadership and an even stronger team. A V Party Rentals has everything you need to make your summer company picnic both fun and memorable for you and your employees! Contact Us today!