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Top 5 Rentals for Your 4th of July Celebration

Top 5 Rentals for Your 4th of July Celebration
June 14, 2018 moxxymaster
Top 5 Rentals for Your 4th of July Celebration

Nothing says the 4th of July like great music, good food, fun, and lots of friends. And, of course, a fantastic fireworks display to remember our Nation’s Independence as part of this big holiday event.


Lots of Laughs and Great Food

No 4th of July party is complete without lots of friends, some good laughs and of course, great American fare. If you are planning on cooking hot dogs, ribs, wings, or shrimp kabobs for your guests and don’t have the right equipment, renting the grills and cookers can save you money and time. Consider that you will only need these for one day and at the end of the festivities, you don’t have to clean them.  


Keep The Beverages Cold

Having a great 4th of July party in the summer heat calls for lots of cold refreshing drinks on hand. Since this event is only once a year, you should consider renting large beverage tubs and spread them out so guest can easily grab a cold one. Color coordinate them just for fun. White tubs for the waters, blue tubs for the kids’ soft drinks and juices, and red tubs for the adult beverages. Also, try some of these fun 4th of July cocktails everyone is sure to enjoy.


Make Proper Seating Arrangements

What’s a great party with beverages and food without proper seating options?  Having a nice assortment of folding chairs that are appropriate for both adults and children at this event is essential to make sure your guests are having fun and comfortable. Add some style and charm with farm style tables and benches. This bench and seat idea can add some nostalgia of an old time fair, but can also provide a lot of space for food and desserts.


Bring On The Desserts

Sure you can have a cake designed in the form of “Old Glory” with red, white, and blue ice cream, but why stop there. Why not add waffles and ice cream to start a new summertime dessert trend. How about some cotton candy and snow cones for the kids. There may even be a few parents who enjoy the nostalgia of cotton candy and snow cones. By renting a snow cone maker or cotton candy machine, kids, as well as their parents, can have a treat that they can enjoy together as a family.   

By keeping these top five rental ideas in mind, you can have a fun, festive and satisfying 4th of July celebration to kick off the summer in style.


Since 1968, A V Party Rentals has been a family owned and operated business located in Santa Clarita, CA, that has all the high-quality items you will need to host a successful 4th of July Bash!  Contact AV Party Rentals for help planning your 4th of July event today!


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  1. Dino Violante 6 years ago

    I really like it when you suggested renting large beverage tubs for the 4th of July party so that people will be able to grab a cold drink whenever they need it. We are, in fact, planning to hold a party for the Independence Day celebration, and I want to know the things that I need to consider renting. It was good that I saw this article. I will add the beverage tub on the list since most of my guests love drinking cold juices and beer.

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