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Wickedly Good Halloween Office Party Tips

Wickedly Good Halloween Office Party Tips
September 11, 2018 moxxymaster
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Halloween makes for the most flexible parties and creative atmosphere! A “spooky vibe” leaves so much room for imagination. In a professional setting, you might need to tone down the screams and scares, but not to worry – here’s how to throw a fun and memorable Halloween party completely appropriate for your office environment.


Plan Ahead

Halloween sneaks up on the best of us. One moment you’re buying a summer bikini and the next thing you know, fall has hit and Target is overrun with faux skeletons and spider webs. Don’t let the seasons surprise you last minute. Make the most of this Halloween by planning ahead and organizing a fun office party to look forward to. Consider coordinating with a team and rotating responsibilities among team members. That way, one person doesn’t get stuck doing all the decorating or all the errands or have full responsibility of the menu. Remember the fundamentals; you’ll need a schedule to ensure you’re ready by October 31st and you’ll need a budget to keep your expenses under control.


Ask Around

Halloween parties could pose a few concerns. Some co-workers might not enjoy real scares, while others might have health issues regarding certain treats. Check in with your coworkers in advance to see what they like. Go above and beyond by asking some easy questions that will provide insight into the group’s preferences: What are their favorite party activities? Do they like to play games, or do they prefer to snack and mingle? Try to solidify these answers in advance. After all, you don’t want to learn about someone’s peanut allergy after you buy ten bags of peanut butter cups.


Pick a Theme

Of course, “Halloween” is a theme in itself. But you can elevate your party by making your theme more specific. For example, you could host a “Monster Mash” and encourage employees to dress as their favorite friendly ghoul. You can turn your break room into a ghostly seance or haunted mansion with white tablecloths and eerie, glowing lights. Or you could really focus on food: host a catered lunch break, and then invite your coworkers to eat candy, bob for apples, and roast pumpkin seeds. For something less hands-on, consider a nostalgic movie marathon – set up a projector in a break room and play the Halloween-themed movies that you and your coworkers loved as kids. Plus, by focusing on kids’ movies, you can keep things from getting overly scary.


Be Considerate

Whatever you plan, don’t forget to keep all activities optional and don’t take it personally if some people are shy about participating. Some of your coworkers might be too busy, some might not want to spend the time or money on costumes, and some might not like Halloween at all. Let them opt out gracefully!


For more ideas, take a look at some of our previous articles about Halloween parties and office Halloween parties in particular. As you plan, keep us in mind! From teaspoons to tents, we’ve served Southern California’s rental needs since 1968. To throw a scream of a party, contact us today.



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